Online Lessons

It goes without saying that at the moment, the safest way for us to deliver lessons is online. Between our Bristol tutors, we should be able to find a slot that suits you. Lessons can be taught via Skype or Zoom. It may seem a bit strange at first but we have all been delivering lessons online for some time so we will talk you through how to do it and put you at ease in no time! If you choose to have lessons online, they will send you pre recorded warm ups and exercises that you can practice between sessions. 


Equipment needed:

  • Wifi Connection

  • Tablet/computer/device to make a video call

  • A separate device to play music on (preferred)

Face to Face Sessions 

We are currently delivering reduced one to one lessons so that we can clean between lessons and allow enough time to air spaces.

Please inform your tutor or TVA if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Clinically extremely vulnerable

  • People self-isolating

  • People with symptoms of coronavirus

  • Groups who may be at higher risk of poorer outcomes.

If you do fall into any of the above categories, your tutor will discuss with you what your risks are and identify a way to move forward safely. Any information you disclose will be held confidentially though your tutor may go to myself, Lu Bristow (TVA founder) to consult about the situation.

If any singers booked in for face to face lessons come down with symptoms of Coronavirus, please contact us immediately. If your lesson is due within the next 48 hrs, we can offer an online lesson as a replacement. If over 48 hrs notice is given, we can put the lesson on hold until such a time when you feel well enough to return/you have tested negative for the virus. If you come down with symptoms after your lesson, please also contact us so that we can inform tutors.

If Bristol goes into a local lockdown: If your lesson is due within the next 48 hrs, we can offer an online lesson as a replacement. Over 48 hrs and we will offer the option of online lessons or can put the lessons on hold until we can return to face to face lessons. 

Government guidelines  are changing all of the time and new scientific studies are regularly meaning shifts in how we can deliver lessons. We are watching daily for new changes. This will be ongoing for quite some time and is a concern for many people's livelihoods, especially those in the arts. This is a new way of working for all of us and a learning curve. If you ever have any questions or feedback on the way we run our sessions throughout this period please do let us know. 

Finally thank you for your patience and support throughout this period. We don't know where we would be without our music and without our students!! 

Best wishes

Lu Bristow (TVA).