Information for Schools


Lu Bristow has extensive experience working with young people at schools and colleges throughout the South East and South West of England. Working with KS1, 2, 3, 4 in schools and teaching HND, FdA, and BA at colleges. Lu also does a lot of work with Bristol Plays Music, working with looked after children and running a contemporary choir at The South Music Centre at Merchants Academy. 


Benefits to your school:

  • Increasing students' confidence and focus, thereby improving participation in class and gaining the school overall better GCSE results. 
  • Raising aspirations with an "every child matters" approach. 
  • Improving employability skills.
  • Providing students with real opportunity and progression. 




Willows First School, Sussex

Mrs Keeler (Headteacher):

"Miss Bristow has been running a children's after school club for a year. This has proved to be extremely popular with the children. Miss Bristow maintains good control; there is the right balance re: behaviour and fun. It has been noticed by staff and parents how some of the children have really benefited from the singing lessons - noticeably gaining confidence". 


Patcham High School, Brighton

Mr Reeves (Head of music)

"Lucinda is trustworthy, passionate about her work, enthusiastic, professional and reliable.  I have been lucky enough to see Lucinda work in two separate schools and in both she has transformed the approach to singing lessons both in her approach and results. 

Lucinda took over the running of our singing lessons at Patcham High School in September 2012. When Lucinda took over we had seven singing students and our choir was down to single figures.  Within a year our choir was 30-40 strong and we have 73 students taking singing lessons and the number is set to rise.  I am extremely grateful for the help and support Lucinda has given me and am very happy to give her a reference for future employment.

If you would like any more information or would like to contact me please do so at".


The Angmering School, West Sussex

Hannah Crocker (Head of Music)

"I have been working with Lucinda since 2005 when she came to me asking for the opportunity to teach singing lessons at The Angmering School. Since this time she has proved herself to be a total professional within her work. She is a reliable and conscientious peripetetic teacher that has a great rapport with her singing students. 

I also employed Lucinda to work with our school choir, and she showed excellent skills in workshop management.

As Angmering is a school with a disabled unit, Lucinda has been able to give our disabled students the same opportunity which is, very significantly helping to build confidence and develop vocal skills incorporating music therapy into lessons. 

Lucinda does not just work with her students from lesson to lesson but also works hard to provide performance and recording opportunities which enthuses and encourages them. She works closely with the music departmentand goes out of her way to support performances within the school. 

An excellent performer herself, she has high standards which she expects her students to develop. She does this in a professional and caring way, fullfilling "every child matters". I would highly recommend Lucinda to any educational institution". 






Singing in the Curriculum


KS1 & KS2:

Lu currently teaches music classes to KS1 and KS2 pupils in Bristol and runs extra curricular lunchtime/after school choirs. 

The music classes provide all pupils with the opportunity to use their voices and explore making new sounds with voices and non tuned percussion. Pupils are encouraged to perform regularly to the class either individually or in pairs and perform rehearsed pieces as a class during school assemblies. Pupils are encouraged to learn contemporary and world music in a fun and energised way. Pupils also learn how to warm up before singing, looking at breathing techniques, warm up games in an all inclusive manor. 

Lessons and music clubs are taught incorporating National Curriculum and Arts Awards demonstrating: Exploration, inspiration, inclusion, basic theory, basic technical deveopment, presentation, performance and practice. 


KS3 & KS4:


From working within secondary schools since 2005, Lu has used her experience as a working, professional singer and tutor to help enthuse and build confidence in pupils of KS3 and KS4 levels. Providing one to one, paired or small group lessons to singers and also running school choirs. Pupils are encouraged to explore their voices, learn the importance of good vocal maintenance, technique, theory, improvisation and performance. Help towards GCSE performance exams, DofE awards and audition prep is also available. Lu believes in giving pupils as many different experiences as possible to help build not just musical ability but confidence as well so tries to support students as much as possible when it comes to performance opportunities, through organising events, recording studio sessions or just being there for moral support when possible. 

If working on a Peripetetic basis, The Vocal Academy will be happy to discuss discounts to help support looked after children, children receiving free school meals and parents active in the armed forces, died in action or left due to injury. 



"Singing can improve pupils’ learning, confidence, health and social development. Whether a young person chooses to pursue a career in music or not, there are clear benefits for young people to be involved in music education". Lu Bristow