Singing for Wellbeing at Work

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It's becoming more and more apparent that happy people produce better work and we are now getting approached by different companies to see if we can offer packages for staff singing for wellbeing workshops and the answer is YES! 

Over the past few months, our vocal coach, Flo has been delivering singing for wellbeing workshops around Leeds and they have been an absolute hit. We have had great feedback and some have even gone on to do a performance!! It has really lifted spirits and brought teams together. 

Flo is also a Vocal Health First Aider, meaning that not only can she help organisations to promote wellbeing in the workplace but also has an understanding on how to identify a range of vocal dysfunctions and inbalance, support vocal recovery or signposting, and has an understanding of how to prevent vocal health issues occuring in the workplace. 

Whether you are looking for something long term or a one off session, please do get in touch we will be happy to work a way that suits you and your business. 

"Flo was fantastic and all staff had such a great time...she had so much energy and her vocal arrangements are great - we're sounding and feeling great at the end of each session!"  - Emily Cullum, Interim Assistant Principal, East SILC John Jamieson School and Technology College.

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